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Brandon Frame – “Building Minds Forever” by Brian Thompson

Brandon created TheBlackManCan Institute to create a grassroots effort to empower, uplift, motivate and educate young men of color. The purpose of TheBlackManCan Institute is to provide comfort and support for boys of color. Boys of Color attending TheBlackManCan Institute can be assured that their cultural needs will be addressed and they will be free to express themselves while fostering brotherhood.


ROME MADISON: The Everyday Superstar – Part 1 by Charles Clark

From unemployed and broke with no options….to corporate VP with stock options, Rome Madison knows the importance and reward of rebranding your self-image. After seventeen years as a superstar sales pro & executive leader in the medical industry, he teaches and coach clients how to better their best to achieve SUPERSTAR SUCCESS. His keynote speeches, book, blogs, and training sessions will instill the habits, insight and skills of Superstar performers to elevate your performance and multiply your results.

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“The Maestro” Allyn Johnson by Robert E. Person

ALLYN JOHNSON is a multi-talented musician, composer, arranger and producer whose trademark sound gives brilliance and fortitude to the art of jazz improvisation. Allyn, a prodigy who began playing piano at the tender age of five, got his start playing piano for the youth choir in his uncle’s church. There he honed his inner musical gift.