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Brotha Magazine specifically targets the African American male committed to a Christian lifestyle.  Brotha magazine is intended as an empowerment tool to comprehensively address, without restrictions, complex issues providing resources to resolve any of life’s challenges.


Charles Clark, Jr.

Jason Clark
Managing Editor 

Lynne C. Parker
Editor at Large

Ray Shedrick
Creative Director


Farris Long, Paul Wilson, Jr.
Shad Comeaux, Shaun Saunders

Nelson A. Henry, Brian L. Thompson
Contributing Editors 

Jason Carter
Features Editor

Kenny Pugh
Relationships Editor

Anthony T. Neal
Political Editor

Akil McLeod 
Style Editor

Kristopher Hollie
Fitness Editor

Shawn Cotterall
Music Editor

Detrick Hughes
Literary Editor

Staci A. Cameron
Senior Copy Editor

Brotha Daily Digest 

Stanley Johnson
Mangaing  Editor

 John Jay 
Contributing Editor

S.M. Phelon, Phil Turner, Jr.,
Shad Comeaux, Dr. Eddie Connor, Scott Williams
Contributing Writers

Pastor Matthew Brown, Eric Thomas 
Video Bloggers 

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