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from the Bodega – Part I| Short Story by Detrick Hughes (excerpt)



Phil’s Gonna Phil by Mike Patton

The New York Knicks did not have a bad offseason this year. They upgraded their point guard position with the acquisition of point guard Derrick Rose from the Chicago Bulls. And in upgrading that position, the Knicks got rid of Jose Calderon, whom the Knicks could not use, and Jerian Grant, whom it seemed like they did not believe in. Add in the addition of veteran guards Courtney Lee and Brandon Jennings along with veteran center Joakim Noah and it looked like the Knicks were a playoff team.


Black Cotton by Arthur Cunningham-Clark | Poetry

Clear blue skies, fresh cut grass

water as clear as new made glass

curtains of lace, linens so fine


Union Bound | Movie Review by Cyrus Webb

“This is no way to be treated.”

Those words spoken by Robert Smith to Joseph Hoover in the film Union Bound are so ironic considering the setting they were spoken in—and the time in history in which the individuals lived.